So Many Tears What Dreams May Come 1998 First Time Movie Reaction

So Many Tears What Dreams May Come 1998 First Time Movie Reaction. Tears. So many friggen tears. This movie hit me so hard because it's so relatable to me and my own mindset on death. But because of that, it's now a movie that I can say means a lot to me, because it really just hit me hard, and y'all will be seeing that as you watch. This movie tells a really beautiful story and I loved it, even though I cried like a baby.
I hope you all enjoy it too!

Like all my other reactions, please know that just because I don't include a certain part of the movie, doesn't mean that I didn't see it or watch it or react to it! I edit the way that I edit these to avoid any and all copyright issues with YouTube!

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1:32 Reaction
36:42 Discussion/Outro

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