Sholay 2 Movie Official Trailer Salman Khan Sharukh Khan Sanjay Dutt Katrina Kaif

Sholay 2 Movie Official Trailer Salman Khan Sharukh Khan Sanjay Dutt Katrina Kaif.


Title : Sholay 2 movie official trailer.....

If there has been any most superhit and memorable movie in Indian film history, then it is the film "Sholay"..... which was the blockbuster movie of the year 1975, .... The dialogue of this movie " Kitne Aadmi Thee" is still in the language of the audience. But in this film, big stars Dharmendra, Amitabh and "Hema Malini" created a stir in the hearts of the audience with their characters, due to which the audience gave this film a year. A lot of love was given in the theaters till the whole .., as well as the audience became very sad because the audience started demanding the second part movie after this movie.

But friends, now you should be happy because the director of this movie "Ramesh Shippy" is going to bring "Sholay 2" very soon..... Will be seen, ... Also when will this movie be released, if you also want to know the answer related to all these questions.., then stay with us till the end of this video as well as your favorite movie "Sholay". Don't forget to like this video of ours.

By the way, the title of blockbuster movie of the year 1975 was won by the film "Sholay"... In this "Dharmendra" and "Amitabh Bachchan" remained two best friends and a dangerous dacoit ie "Amjad Khan" along with a responsible spectator ie "Sanjeev Kapoor" were seen with many more star casts. .., and this story was given a lot of love by the audience.

That's why after the release of this movie, the audience started demanding the second part of this movie, and in the last 46 years the demand for this movie has increased a lot and seeing this demand The director of this movie "Ramesh Sippy" has decided that he is going to release "Sholay 2" very soon, the story of which will be based on thief dacoit and police as before, in which we will once again see the thief police. You will get to see the story..., as well as in this movie we are also going to see drama comedy, which will make the audience's heart very happy..., so the story of "Sholay 2" will be something like this. Which the audience will love to see very much.

After the story, talk about the star cast.., so it is being said that "Salman Khan" will be seen acting "Shahrukh Khan" in place of "Dharmendra" and "Amitabh Bachchan"..., and Hema "Katrina Kaif" will be shown at Malini's place and Gabbar's character is none other than Bollywood industry's famous actor "Sanju" i.e. "Sanjay Dutt" will be seen on the screen..., but friends let me tell you. No one has given confirmation to act yet... Also, the story of this film is still in progress, so in this way you may have to wait a little longer to see the second part of this film.

So friends, what are you excited to see the second part of Sholay movie with such a big star cast....? You must tell us your answer by commenting in the comment box....
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