Can We Revive This Free Dead Mac Pro For Cheap

Can We Revive This Free Dead Mac Pro For Cheap. Thanks to iFixit for sponsoring todays video! If you're working on literally any Mac repair you definitely need to check out their repair guides, tools, and parts!

In today’s video I’ll be trying to fix a beleaguered 2009 4,1 Mac Pro that I got for free – with some issues. We’ll go through troubleshooting, quite a few parts, and definitely some repairs!

Check out iFixit guides for Mac Pro:
Pro Tech Toolkit:

Mac Pro RAM upgrade:
Long screwdriver for taking off heatsinks:
Metal GPU support and Mojave installation:

CPU compatibility:

4,1 to 5,1 Firmware patch:

*Graphics clarification: if it was confusing in the video, by default you can use a card with up to 225W TDP; the slot and each of the 2 mini 6-pins can supply 75W each. If I had used a mini 6 to 8 pin adapter, it would try to draw 150W from one connector- you can easily fry the board with that. If your card is an 8 pin you need to draw power from both 6-pins. if your card has 2 6-pins you need to use 2 mini 6 to 6 adapters, not a mini-6 to dual 6-pin. If you want to use a card that's over 225W (Vega 64, Radeon VII) you'll need to mod the PSU. A Radeon 5700 xt draws 225 so that's the most powerful card you can run without modding.

See this resource for installing the Pixlas PSU mod:

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